iso ISO 9001:2008

SahachartSethakit Co., Ltd. has earned Quality management systems ISO 9001:2008 from SGS Thailand Limited.on April 27, 2015.
Earning such a certificate implies that our company focuses on quality and standard of operational process which has been inspected and reviewed closely by our Executives to ensure that we consistently improve and develop overtime as can be seen from the company’s policy;

‘Build a standard. Service with a heart.
We pay attention to Quality, Safety and Environmental Sustainability.’

These are policy and objective that all employees must understand and achieve successfully to ensure that our company will be able to maintain high quality and consistently improve.


ISO 14001:2004


Sahachart Sethakit Co., Ltd. has earned Quality management systems ISO 14001:2004 from Q.A International Certification Ltd. on December 18, 2010.
Earning such a certificate implies that our company focuses on environmental management. We have adopted the policy that matches with our philosophical goal which is to preserve and to improve environment continuously. We, Executives and all employees, are committed to follow the following practices;

  1. We will improve ourselves to archive our objectives and goals which consequently leads to minimize the effects to environment which might be causing by raw material, manufacturing activities, services and our products.
  2. We will make efforts to always preserve environmental condition and take everything that could have an impact on environment such as raw materials, any relevant activities, etc., into account.
  3. We will conduct our business according to the environment’s law and agreement and adopt those regulations to be our minimum standard of company operation.
  4. We are willing to listen to opinions from all parties to preserve and improve environment continuously which could contribute to improvement of society.

We have cultivated and inculcated awareness for all employees to aware of environmental problem. Even though we have succeed doing so in the moment, we will commit ourselves to keep creating better environment.




On April 10, 2013 Sahachart Sethakit Co., Ltd., received a certificate from Department of Labour Protection and Welfare to certify that we prevented and cleaned up drug problems in our workplace according to White Factory Level 3’s project.

This project belonged to Ministry of Labour and had been assigned to Department of Labour Protection and Welfare to prevented and cleaned up drug problems according to the White Factory’s project. The purpose of this project was to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and cleaning up drug problems by encouraging employers to provide social welfare and knowledge about drugs to their employees. And encouraged them to share and extend this knowledge to their family which would consequently improve their own life.

We have recognized the importance of drug problems and provided various measures to prevent and clean-up such as having urine test, etc. and set up any method that coincide with Government policy.

Link   Overview reports white factory.


On September 18, 2011, Sahachart Sethakit Co.,Ltd. received a certificate of recognition from Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to praise for the way we helped Government Sector to restore and develop forest areas.

We recognized the importance of natural resources and forest and therefore supported ‘24 Acres – Forest Restoration – Baan Dok Kuang Project’ in Mae Zeppelin, Mae Hong Son. Our Executives went there and joined this event together with Reforestation Sector, Royal Forest Department on June 22, 2011.

Green(Green Industry)

On November 1, 2013 Sahachart Sethakit Co., Ltd., received a certificate from the Ministry of Industry to certify that we were ranked in ‘Level 3: Green Industry’ which meant that we  operated systematically, followed-up and review the ongoing process to improve business continually.

In the moment, we have planned to reach level 4: Green Culture that every employees would have awareness to protect and preserve environment including corporate with company in all aspect to be environmentally friendly until it becomes our culture.

Our idea culture is to recognize the important of environment and remind ourselves to operate natural resources rationally with sustainable development.


Link   Green Industry Guide

siamacceptance in Sustainable procurement requirement

Sahachart Sethakit Co., Ltd., gypsum manufacturer and supplier, is 1 of 40 companies that was selected to receive a Certificate of Acceptance in Sustainable Procurement Requirements from Siam City Cement Public Company Limited which was considered from 500 suppliers by two main components of a standard evaluation vendor/service provider system;

  1. Supplier Appraisal Assessment System by assessing the risk in product’s quality control, delivery, price and other factors provided by particular supplier.
  1. Vendor Rating System by assessing vendor/service provider’s ability to adhere to the agreement in terms of delivery of goods and services during the period of the contract.

We was proud to receive such a praise and recognition from our customer.



Sahachart Sethakit Co., Ltd., received an honorable fame award from Ministry of Industry to certify that we operated business under the guidelines of environmental good governance, on August 26, 2012.

Ministry of Industry has conducted a policy of environmental good governance in industrial establishments to develop and prevent industrial pollution and safety. The policy also includes raising awareness of social responsibility and immunization which will contribute to industrial sustainable development.

We regarded this project as entrepreneurs and social benefits, and therefore we joined in on March 4, 2013. Ministry of industry held a formal briefing on environmental good governance in 76 provinces under the project of watershed management and environmental good governance and held a signing ceremony between Ministry of industry Thailand and industrial entrepreneurs, at The Emerald Hotel Bangkok, which was the same date as we joined the briefing and signed an agreement to this project.